Saturday, November 10 2018 / Published in Accessory Dwelling, Costs, Informational
These clients own a lovely home on a corner lot in Berkeley. They chose to replace their detached garage with a 651-square-foot accessory dwelling unit. This is a smart move in Berkeley because of the high demand on housing. They’ll be able to rent out their ADU for extra income or use it for themselves
Thursday, November 08 2018 / Published in Informational, Platform
Construction projects are hard to manage. We’ll be straight with you — they will never be easy. Homeowners, design professionals, and contractors all have to communicate what they plan to do. Even though we are all working toward a common goal, it can be hard to get on the same page. It’s really hard to communicate or make
Friday, November 02 2018 / Published in Accessory Dwelling, Informational
Francis Schumacher had unique motivations in planning a new cottage for his property. Instead of trying to maximize his rental profits, he’s hoping to help out “a pair of young teachers (or other under-compensated public servants) who would enjoy the cottage as a starter home.” “I’m probably not very typical of people who build ADUs,”
Friday, November 02 2018 / Published in Informational
We had the pleasure of designing a gorgeous new 300-square-foot ADU to complement our client’s existing home in Richmond. With a tankless water heater, in-slab radiant heating, engineered hardwood floors, and imported quartz countertops, this ADU is designed with an exceptionally beautiful and functional interior. The homeowners chose to include a loft for storage and
Friday, November 02 2018 / Published in Informational
The owners of a charming Berkeley home wanted an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) built in their backyard. To make the best use of the existing space, they also decided to remove their existing backyard shed and relocate it to a separate property. New Avenue designed a new 420-square-foot secondary dwelling unit to be built in