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Our clients and their twin boys had outgrown their condo in San Francisco and need space and a lawn to play. So they did what many young couples do…. they bought a fixer and spent two years remodeling it.  And the results are amazing! In this story, our clients bought a 4,800 square foot 3 bedroom, 4
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Designing and building an addition, remodel or custom home is a complicated process that involves one to two years of planning and then 45+ people to do the actual construction. At New Avenue our qualified and proven local professionals can design and build your project.  We supplement the talented pros with a project management software that
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Many people interested in designing and building a custom project start with the question: “How much will it cost to build?” When people hear the answer, their next question is, “Why? I thought it would be less expensive.” Then come the following thoughts: 1. “My friend told me that projects can be built for $200 per square
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Best Practices in architecture and construction manage a project under five phases that we will review here.  All projects, whether a $5,000 bathroom remodel or a $5 billion dollar stadium have these five phases. The phases are defined as: Phase 1 – Program Development: Defining what your goals are, what you want to do, what