Thursday, May 24 2018 / Published in Informational
This accessory dwelling is totally transforming a little single family home—and creating options for income, children, work, and retirement. Johanna and Dan are transforming their home outside of San Francisco by adding a new modern home in their backyard.  This new home will be a 1,519-square-foot two bedroom behind their existing 1,074-square-foot home.  This home
Thursday, May 24 2018 / Published in Informational
This active couple saw potential in their 1940s bungalow. Now it suits them perfectly. Our clients saw the potential to reinvent their small 1940s bungalow in El Cerrito in a way that would support their work-from-home lifestyle. They wanted a modern, fresh approach to their day-to-day life with side-by-side, private work spaces and the ability to open
Wednesday, May 09 2018 / Published in Informational
We recently received a list of questions about “construction administration” from a client. Construction admin is often shortened to “CA” or also called “construction observation” and it is the idea that you keep the designer or architect involved during construction.  This may be a few hours a month or even less of the architects time,
Wednesday, April 11 2018 / Published in Informational
We just signed up a new partner based in Pasadena and he is working on a guest house.   The project is in the city of Pasadena, CA.  The client’s vision/goal is to create passive rental income.  The architect wanted to maximize allowable square footage to comply with zoning regulations for allowable livable area and occupable space.    
When the Evans family decided they needed more space, they contacted New Avenue about adding on to their San Francisco home.  They wanted an addition that included a bedroom, a bathroom, and a kitchen. List of the Owners’ Goals and Ideas at Start of Project The floor plans, the complete budget, and a chart showing