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New Avenue recently finished a class San Francisco project – one of an estimated 30,000 additions or remodels in the city that are ready for an in-law apartment or accessory dwelling.  An estimated 30,000 projects like this have an unpermitted kitchen making them illegal in-laws.  This is a fully permitted project designed by one of
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Our clients and their twin boys had outgrown their condo in San Francisco and need space and a lawn to play. So they did what many young couples do…. they bought a fixer and spent two years remodeling it.  And the results are amazing! In this story, our clients bought a 4,800 square foot 3 bedroom, 4
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We just had a call with a client and he turns out to be one of the best communicators we’ve ever spoken to.  In 10 minutes he summed up “Why” New Avenue matters.  I wish I could have said all this as effectively as he just did.  I started writing as soon as he started
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Designing and building an addition, remodel or custom home is a complicated process that involves one to two years of planning and then 45+ people to do the actual construction. At New Avenue our qualified and proven local professionals can design and build your project.  We supplement the talented pros with a project management software that