Tuesday, April 07 2020 / Published in Accessory Dwelling, Costs
A Berkeley homeowner came to New Avenue hoping to convert his accessory structure into an accessory dwelling. If he could add a kitchen and bathroom, he could rent the unit out. What’s the difference between an accessory structure and an accessory dwelling? As a place where people can live, an accessory dwelling includes a kitchen
Monday, April 06 2020 / Published in Informational
Homes in Berkeley are in high demand and short supply, so many smart homeowners are getting more from their investments by adding square footage to their houses. One family came to New Avenue to add a second story to their home. Our designer created a custom plan that includes a bedroom, full bathroom, and study
Saturday, April 04 2020 / Published in Informational
A Berkeley homeowner came to New Avenue looking for plans to demolish her detached garage and build an accessory dwelling. New Avenue’s designer created an attached ADU that will be comfortable for family and for renters. Now the homeowner will have a place for her mother to live right next door. When she’s not using
Friday, March 27 2020 / Published in Informational
This Berkeley Couple Is Turning Their Home into Something More With the incredible strain on California’s housing, home buyers have two key concerns. How they can afford comfortable homes in nice places How they can help others (parents, grandparents, adult children, even strangers) with housing When one couple toured a four-bedroom, two-bathroom home in Berkeley,
Saturday, March 21 2020 / Published in Informational
Berkeley homeowner Johanna came to New Avenue for a basement ADU. She wanted a place for her mother-in-law to live comfortably. New Avenue created custom plans to expand the basement and convert it into an ADU. The new apartment features a bedroom, a bathroom, a laundry area, a kitchen/living area, and plenty of storage space.