New Avenue is revolutionizing our cities from within. We provide an online platform that brings honesty to the remodeling and building experience and creates opportunities for homeowners, architects, and builders alike. We are reinventing the concept of home by turning houses into productive and flexible vehicles for attaining a better quality of life. Our well-defined tools and processes promote clarity and the forthright services that are often hard to come by.

Growth and Platform Engineer

The growth and platform engineer is a full-stack developer who works on designing, building, and constantly improving New Avenue's web applications. With a strong grasp of JavaScript, Rails, CSS, design patterns, debugging, and various popular frontend and backend tools, they make sensible and maintainable implementations. This engineer can't help but feel a little proud of writing elegant code that others can grok. Given a new and unfamiliar tool to tinker with, they are not afraid to look under the hood, form and defend opinions, and conclude if it would be a worthy solution to a problem. This engineer is invested in technical breadth and depth.

Examples of Relevant Experience

  • Foundation, Bootstrap, Skeleton, SASS, or other frontend frameworks
  • Responsive Web Design
  • jQuery, Backbone.js, Coffeescript, and JavaScript debugging
  • Deep Ruby on Rails work and strong understanding of MVC pattern
  • Awareness and debugging for browser issues
  • Creating SQL queries in PostgreSQL
  • Designing and interacting with APIs, requests, and responses
  • Setting up development environment, sandboxes, databases
  • Git version control - rebasing, merging, maintaining clean history