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All kinds of projects from start to finish

New Avenue successfully helped 90 homeowners with their accessory dwelling projects. This includes new structures, garage conversions, remodels, expansions, and more.

  • Karens cottage

    Karen, a UC Berkeley professor, built a custom small home and uses it as a workspace, guest home, and income generator.

  • Springs cottage

    Spring built a beautiful 674-square-foot cottage with fireplace and extra-large windows on her daughter's property.

  • Foothill fairfax

    Vanessa and Richard, a young couple in Walnut Creek, CA, built an accessible backyard cottage to bring Vanessa's mother closer.

  • Susans cottage

    Susan is running a wonderful cottage as a bed and breakfast and has plans to downsize and move into it when her daughter's family moves into the main home.

An accessory dwelling is a practical luxury

It's not just another room or two. It can be a life-changing upgrade.

Share and live together

Accommodate your family, kids, friends, caretakers, and guests.

Rent it out

Generate money for college, retirement, and peace of mind.

Work in peace

Build an office, studio, workshop, or even a classroom.

Afford comfort

Get a larger kitchen, bedroom, bathroom. Build a guest suite.

We've Been Featured

Multigenerational living, renovated spaces, and shared, collaborative living situations are in. We make newsworthy transformations for families and communities.

How a New Avenue project helps transform a home

It is very easy to lose track of a project and underestimate the stresses involved. A New Avenue project provides a structured experience and service professionals all in one place.

Tell your story

John and Stacy, homeowners in Menlo Park, CA, want to build backyard cottage. Stacy wants to eventually invite her mother to move closer to them in five or so years, and John wants to generate a little bit of income in the meantime. John signed up, started a project, and invited Stacy to the team. A checklist tool and a comprehensive budget in hand, they gathered notes, pictures, files, and drawings.

Design with an architect

Pam, a New Avenue architect, introduced herself and met with John and Stacy at their home to see the site and discuss their goals. When she got a sense of the project, she put together a design proposal and sent it back to them for approval. Through an iterative design process Pam came up with rough schematic designs.

Story project timeline

John, Stacy, and Pam use the timeline to gather sketches, links, PDFs, and ideas to stay on the same page.

Permits, finishes, documentation

Pam visited with the city planning department to verify the project's scope and figure out all the permitting requirements. She walked John and Stacy through the things they needed to do and decide on and helped them with a shopping list.

Get honest bids

Elements of the project were all coming together: the design details, construction documents, any reports and surveys, and an updated budget. When the building permit was granted, John and Stacy started a bid session. New Avenue general contractors jumped on the opportunity and provided structured, comprehensive bids.

Story project budget

A budget template helps you get a big-picture view of what you need to consider.


John and Stacy chose Pete's bid and groundbeaking began! This would take months. Dozens of subcontractors would come and go throughout this time to clean up the site, dig trenches, pour concrete, put up framing, install equipment, and lay down finishing.

Make yourself at home

The keys were handed to John and Stacy's new backyard accessory dwelling. There would be a room for visiting guests and family, opportunities to rent it out, and, in the near future, a place for Stacy's mom to move closer. In the meantime, John was planning to hold a little party.

What's your story?

Story project construction2

The general contractor orchestrates subcontractors, materials, time, and money to bring your project together.

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