We are hiring architects, contractors and technologists who want to use design and sustainable building to create positive social impact in our communities.

Design & Build A Better Future

Whatever the skyline, building or experience that first sparked your interest in design and construction, we are pleased that you are interested in New Avenue. We hire software engineers, product managers and project administrators in full time salaried positions. We also hire independently licensed architects and contractors on a project by project basis. Ownership is a guiding principle in our firm. Full time employees, architects and contractors are all eligible to own equity in the company. Professional service firms and creative professionals are complicated. We look to the medical profession for guidance. A surgeon may work in a hospital, teach at a local university, have a private practice with their own patients and do pro-bono work abroad. We believe architects and contractors are the same level of skill in their professional service and should have the same range in their careers. To complete this analogy, New Avenue would be the hospital. An architect or contractor may work as a partner at New Avenue, have a private practice, collaborate with a non-profit and teach at a local university. Contact us to discuss open positions and how we are expanding to every city.

Our Current Openings

Principal Architect

We are hiring principal architects in The San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Portland and New York. 

This role is a leadership position in the company. Your role is to bring great design to our existing communities and and our mission is to bring world-class design to every home. This is an opportunity to create architecture that changes not just homes, but the housing system itself. 

The company consists of a group of architects and contractors and a project management system that are revolutionizing architecture to be created on a personal level at scale.  New Avenue's system drives an architect lead design/build process. We standardize the busy-work and management process in order to build trust and create options for more creative design and construction of homes. Current projects range from $100,000 to $3,000,000+ for single family homes.  Over half of our plans are accessory dwellings. We are the leader in the movement towards reinventing existing homes to be more inclusive, flexible and modern. 

The principal role is the lead design mind for our brand in your city. You will design additions, remodels, accessory dwellings and custom homes.  Approximately 25% of your time will be spent on business development including working with our group of independent architects.

Your responsibilities include: 
- Design, permitting and CA for custom residential projects.  
- Managing all interactions with clients
- Providing proposals based on previous data, discussing design contracts and the design/build process. 
- Interviewing, hiring and managing a team of junior designers. 
- Recruiting new principal architects in other cities. 
- Meeting with general contractors who are bidding our projects. 
- Reviewing 10-15 new projects per month and accepting the ones that you feel you are the best fit for the project. 

Compensation is market rate for a startup in San Francisco with stock, salary, and benefits for all employees. 

Requirements are: 
- Completed residential projects. 
- Happy past clients
- 8+ years experience. 
- Maturity to work autonomously with little or no oversight. 
- Maturity to work directly with owners who are trusting you with their life savings, hopes, and dreams. 
- Technical skills (your choice what you use but you must be proficient and have completed CDs that demonstrate this. 
- Design degree from a top university is preferred, and U.C. Berkeley is strongly preferred. 

If you're curious, we want to talk. Licensed and non-licensed professionals may qualify. This is a full-time position. There is the opportunity to start part-time or on a contract basis. 

Send your resume and portfolio to