We are hiring architects, contractors and technologists who want to design and build a connected, sustainable future in our communities.

Design & Build A Better Future

New Avenue is changing our cities for the better and we are hiring architects, contractors and software engineers across the country in Principal and junior roles. We also hire and collaborate with independent architects and general contractors on long term basis. Ownership is a guiding principle in our firm. Full time employees, architects and contractors are all eligible to own equity in the company. The creative job of designing and building is meaningful and satisfying yet challenging and overwhelmingly complicated. We reduce the risks and confusion while empowering the creative work. We are looking for innovative thinkers with experience navigating the practical realities of people, permits and budgets. We look to the medical profession for guidance. A surgeon may work in a hospital, teach at a local university, have a private practice and do pro-bono work in a clinic. We believe architects and contractors have the same level of skill and should have the same range of work and rewards in their careers. An ideal architect or contractor who is part of New Avenue might collaborate with a non-profit and teach at a local university. Contact us to discuss open positions and how we are expanding to every city.

Our Current Openings

Principal Architect

We are hiring principal architects in The San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Portland and New York.  We are a national network advancing innovative residential projects, and this is an opportunity to create architecture that changes not just homes, but the housing system itself. 

This role is a leadership position in the company. We have a growing number of interesting projects starting every month.  Your role is to lead the design of residential projects of all types and sizes.  

The company is a group of architects, contractors and a project management system that connect to create a revolutionary development model that is scalable while work is performed on a personal level.  New Avenue's system drives an architect lead design/build process. We standardize and automate paperwork and data in order to build trust and enable the design and construction process. Current projects range from $100,000 to $12,000,000+.  

The principal role is an autonomous independent design role with the support of our extensive network. You will design additions, remodels, accessory dwellings, custom homes and multifamily apartment buildings.  Approximately 25% of your time will be spent on business development.

Your responsibilities include: 
- Design of custom residential projects.  
- Ownership of the client relationship.
- Providing proposals based on previous data, discussing design contracts and the design/build process. 
- Interview, hire and manage one or two draftspeople. 
- Networking with new principal architects in other cities. 
- Meeting with general contractors who bid our projects. 
- Reviewing 10-15 new projects per month and accepting the projects that you feel you are the best fit.

Compensation is competitive with stock, salary, and benefits for all employees. 

Requirements are: 
- Completed residential projects. 
- Happy past clients.
- 8+ years experience. 
- Maturity to work autonomously with little or no oversight. 
- Maturity to work directly with owners who are trusting you with their life savings, hopes, and dreams. 
- Technical skills (your choice what you use but you must be proficient and have completed CDs that demonstrate this. 
- Design degree from a top university is preferred. 

Licensed and non-licensed professionals may qualify. This is a full-time position. There is the opportunity to start part-time or on a contract basis. 

To apply, email an example of something interesting you've designed and built to and tell us why that project is important. 

Software Engineering Lead

New Avenue is a home building system and network of architects and contractors who are bringing world-class design and construction to every home. With over $100,000,000 projects actively managed on our system we are one of the largest custom home builders in California.  We are looking for a VP of Engineering who will help us become the largest home builder in the country. 
Our project management system guides owners, architects and contractors through the 1-4 year process of building custom homes, accessory dwellings and additions.  Our network of architects and contractors and a stable of over 2,000 consultants and craftspeople design and build the homes. As the Lead Engineer your role is to use technology and data to educate users, detect failure points in the creative process and to improve the experience of being a homeowner, architect and contractor.  This is not easy. 
We are now looking for a strong engineering leader to take the company to the next level and scale the business nationally. 
What we are looking for: 
- Lead Engineer committed to making New Avenue the largest home building company on the planet. 
- Software engineer who is a peer to the founder / CEO. You probably have a computer science degree, you've definitely built something great, you have a passion for building a great system and you want to use housing to create a positive social impact in our communities. 
- A leader who thinks and acts like an owner. That is demonstrated by taking ownership of your portion of the business, making business driven decisions that will create revenue and user growth, and having a network of people who want to work with you. 
Personal Description: 
- Trustworthy:  This is based on both competence and character. Candidates, team mates, customers and investors all need to have complete trust in you and the software platform.  
- Interpersonal skills who can work closely with junior team members and provide technical solutions to user feedback.  Secondarily, attend investor meetings and marketing events. 
- A network of other engineers and team members that we will recruit (product, marketing, investors, advisors) 
Technical Description & Requirements
- Hands-on coding, working alongside one other Software Engineer to contribute to the codebase and make architectural decisions. This is a small engineering team of you and one other person at this stage. Several experienced mentors and advisors are involved and available to you. 
- Work closely with Product, Customer Success, and Marketing to set the technical direction for the business and develop the engineering roadmap
- 6+ years of hands-on software development experience and 4+ years experience managing and leading engineering teams of various sizes
- Hands-on full-stack software development experience.
- Mastery over the following core technical stack:  Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL, jQuery, Backbone.js, CoffeeScript, JavaScript and Heroku or Rackspace
- Designing managing and interacting with APIs, requests, and responses
- Continuously improve existing software architecture and New Avenue’s software development lifecycle
- Expert in software development best practices (Git, TDD, Testing/QA, Agile)
- Strong manager who can successfully set and track goals, coach, and inspire team members


Send an example of something interesting you've built to