How We Work

Photo: Santa Cruz Guest Home Project

We are local professionals who provide personal design and construction services. Our process is guided by transparent cost and scheduling data from decades of experience projects.

Our unique project management app automates the paperwork and manages content to set expectations, improve communication and drive efficiency.

Phase I: Goals & Ideas: Start with our project questionnaire

Take our initial questionnaire to define your vision. We ask the right questions at the very start. Clear goals from the start will improve your relationship with your architect and contractor for your entire process. Explore the type of project and take the corresponding quiz.

We know the right architect for your project

Start with an initial design session in your home with the architect in our group who is best qualified for your project. The architect will review your questionnaire, listen to your goals, share design ideas, and review permit rules. After the meeting we provide a 20-30 line item design proposal. This is a working meeting, not a sales pitch. There is no obligation to continue.

Project Management App Automates the Paperwork

We standardize and automate all the paperwork. Every project gets a private project page that includes the best practices for design proposals, design agreements, construction bids, construction agreements, invoices, any changes and payments. You can review, discuss and ask for edits. Click approve to automatically hire, approve or pay. After you hire you can post messages, share files, and ask for help all in one place. It's the command center of your entire project.

Phase 2 Schematic Design & Phase 3 Design Develoment: Collaborate Efficiently

This is architecture! A blank page becomes a floor plan and elevations . That plan adds details, materials and finishes. Your design agreement lists all deliverables. Your proposal estimates the cost and hours for every step along the way. This usually takes a few months of design. Planning permits are applied for at this time. They often take 5 months for the local agency to approve.

Phase 4: Construction Documents, engineering and building permits

Your architect will create 5-10 pages (or more) of architectural plans to submit for a building permit and to getting bids from contractors. The architect will coordinate the work of needed sub-consultants such as structural and geo-technical engineers. Building permits often take 5 months of more to get through the city and there are always questions to address.

Phase 5: Get bids, break ground & safely manage payments

Our vetted contractor will provide a 40-70 line item fixed price bid. You can ask any contractor you know for a bid and enter their bid in our system as well. Bids are entered in New Avenue's standardized budget form so you can compare them apples to apples. When you're ready, click approve and automatically hire your contractor with New Avenue's fair and balanced Construction Agreement. Once they start you can leave the spreadsheets behind! We submit all proposals, bids, changes and payment requests in one clear format online. Automated payments protect you, save you time and keep you in control of costs. Your architect is a critical resource throughout this process, keep them involved for a few hours a month and you'll get a better quality home and save money too.

We are proven architects and contractors with a revolutionary design/build process.

Let's build your dream together


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