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M-Rad Architecture

M-Rad is an international award-winning design studio that looks to re-conceptualize architecture through social and environmental research. The studio is dedicated to exploring authentic solutions with clients that are interested in redefining the architectural style of our time. M-Rad was founded in 2012 by Matthew Rosenberg, a Canadian born designer who has worked and studied across twenty-four countries. The work, while varied in scale and eclectic in scope, is harmonized by alternative sustainable solutions and enhanced social exchanges. The studio is working to facilitate the development of socially-generated solutions that will maximize the function of a cities buildings or strengthen a community’s infrastructure. The goal at M-Rad is to introduce elements that reinvigorate the existing landscape into public spaces and offer the community a chance to define a thriving culture. The hope is that design can help to build a stronger bond between the community and their built environment by offering them a part in its development.

Los Angeles, CA

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