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Start with a person you can trust. Our experienced design professional will come to your home. Add a feasibility study when you're ready to go!

Start smart. Our design proposals and bids are the best in the industry.

Whether you need a design professional, contractor or both, start with an in-home consultation with our proven local professional.   

Our design professional or contractor will:

  • Meet with you in your home to discuss your vision and share ideas
  • Give you an overview of permit rules
  • Provide a comprehensive proposal or bid

A one-time fee of $300 is all it takes to start your project off right and avoid costly surprises down the line. When you talk with our design professional, you’ll receive an expert opinion and a detailed proposal that includes every step in designing and permitting. Or, talk to our licensed contractor to receive a construction bid with prices for each line item.  

Our proposals and bids are the best in the industry because there are no surprises. We tell you what your project will cost and how long it will take. You can get started with confidence, and there's no obligation to continue.

Design Proposal 


Construction Bid

Meet an architect designer or contractor in your home and get a detailed proposal listing all estimated design professional fees or construction costs


* One time fee

1 855-563-9283

Ready to move forward?

A feasibility study is the next step.

Once you receive your design proposal or contractor bid, a feasibility study is the smartest way to move forward. For an additional $1,200, we’ll handle the code details and permit research for you.

The bad news: For a non-expert, researching permits is time-consuming and frustrating. And mistakes will cost you dearly. The good news: Getting it right is our job.

We’re here to make everything clear.

Your feasibility study includes:

  • An expert visit to your local planning and building departments for code and permit research

  • A summary of findings

  • A completed permit research form

  • A permit cost schedule

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about permitting your

specific project.

Don’t be hit with surprise permit requirements or delays.

Start your project off right.

Adding a feasibility study saves you time and money.

• 25–30 line design agreement

• Design proposal form

• Construction bid form

• Construction agreement

• Budget management

• Change order approval system

• Invoicing

• Payment processing

Bonus: Free access to the leading project management system

Access our powerful project management app when you purchase any design session or feasibility report.  Homeowners using our app regularly complete their projects one year faster than people who don’t use our app. We will save you thousands of dollars (and countless headaches) on any addition, remodel, accessory dwelling or custom home project.

Our system automates the following:


We are a group of vetted architects and contractors who design and build additions, remodels, custom homes and accessory dwellings. These are the architects and contractors that you can trust.  


Great design and quality craftsmanship last more than a lifetime. Smart design decisions will make you healthier, wealthier and happier.  We are in this business to help you design and build the life you want.


Our app protects you, brings clarity and makes your life easier by automating the critical project management tasks. This is the first and only app that is built for you, as a homeowner, to manage your entire project.

Our 5-Step Process

Schedule a call. We'll answer any questions about your project or our experience, and we’ll let you know we're real people! We will discuss how all projects on Earth, from a $5,000 bathroom to a multimillion-dollar home, all follow the same five phases.

Getting Started and Program Development 

• Goals & Ideas Questionnaire

Phase 1

Schematic Design  

• 20–30 line itemized design proposal

• Average fee $130 per hour

• Planning permit fees

Phase 2 

Phase 3

Phase 4

Phase 5

Design Development  

• Materials, fixtures and finishes by architect defined in your proposal.

• Interior design defined in your proposal (average fee $100 per hour)

Construction Documents, Engineering and Building Permits

• Construction documents for building permit by architect

• Engineering as needed (fixed price)

• Building permit fees

Bids and Construction

• 40–70 line itemized bid

• Fixed-price contract that is billed as work is completed

• Change order management and approval

• Ranges from $300 to $700 per square foot based on design that is under your control

Still have questions?

• Design agreements

• Design proposal forms

• Construction bid form

• Construction agreement

• Budget management

• Change order approval system

• Invoicing

• Payment processing

Sign up today and get building!