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Now for a limited time pay three months upfront and get a design session in your home with a New Avenue local architect and a planning session with a project manager who has personally managed over 100 projects. In addition, gain access to our library of legal templates and contracts that will save you thousands of dollars on your addition, remodel, accessory dwelling or custom home project.

All of our architects, designers, and contractors have been selected over years of interviewing thousands of professionals. We introduce only partners who have designed similar projects to yours, live locally, and have proven themselves with previous happy clients. 

Our partners are all experts and trustworthy professionals that care about our clients. They focus their efforts on delivering the best quality design, advising you on your best options and making sure you and your family are happy with the final result.

Pre-Pay 3 Months get an in-person Architect session at your home included.


We are a group of vetted architects and contractors who design and build additions, remodels, custom homes and accessory dwellings. These are the architects and contractors that you can trust.  


We are proven architects, contractors and an app that protects you, brings clarity and makes your life easier by automating the project management tasks. This is the first and only app that is built for you, as a homeowner, to manage your entire project.


New Avenue shares the data from over $100 million in small custom residential projects that we have managed. When you go to New Avenue, we check our project history to see if your price makes sense.

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• design proposal forms

• construction bid form

• construction agreement

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