Press Kit

About New Avenue

New Avenue was founded in 2009 with the mission of designing and building one million accessory dwellings. We quickly broadened our services from the simplistic idea of a smaller backyard cottage to address the broader need for all forms of projects that can transform a single family homes for more creative and sustainable living. We currently design and build custom homes, whole house remodels, additions, garage conversions, attics, basements.
We have designed and built projects in several states and our app is used in all 50 states. Project types are limited only by the local zoning codes and even those are occasionally changed to allow for smart projects.
We built three service offerings. The first is a project management technology, the second is a team of design professionals and architects, and the third is a group of general contractors.
1. Our technology is accessible via our software app. This brings automation, transparency and simplicity in an end-to-end process for any form of remodel or new home build.
2. Designs are created and permitted by our group of vetted architects.
3. The General Contractor builds most project onsite with local sub-contractors and skilled craftspeople.
The app, the architects and the contractors are all focused on creating smart, sustainable and people centric design that will create value to our clients and our communities for 100+ years.

About our technology

We are obsessed with the long term value of your home and we built a system to make it easier to design and build for the evolution of your family and your lifestyle for as long as you live there. This may be years, decades or even generations that you plan to own the home. Our system solves the communication problem by reducing what are often eight (8!) different proposal, bid, invoice and contract formats into one (1!). This reduces confusion and that saves time and money. This doesn't mean we finish projects faster, it means we don't consume all of your time during the project. It doesn't mean we are cheaper either, it means your money goes to better quality and lasting value. Often times, bids from other companies are 40% higher than our projects. In the incredibly expensive industry of residential construction this is regularly $100,000 or more that is lost to mistakes.
Transparency eliminates much of the worry and anxiety. We have collapsed eight different processes into one simple, integrated process. All payments, contractors and proposals are just handled. Without New Avenue projects are often managed with excel files, word documents, home made budgets and contracts that people find on google (or don't find at all).


Project Photos

Detached Accessory Dwelling: A big one for for Live/Work and In-Laws

Detached Accessory Dwelling. A Small one for rental income

Detached Accessory Dwelling: A big one for downsizing and aging in place

Attached Accessory Dwelling for caregiving for a friend

Reinvention of a whole house

Garage conversion to an accessory dwelling

Modular Accessory Dwelling with Passive House Design

Triplex for a retirement income and later downsizing

Duplex for downsizing

Lift, remodel and new basement conversion to accessory dwelling