Income Property

What is an income property?

You can invest in a broad range of income properties, and if you are planning to rent them out and collect passive income, then you are in the income property business. At New Avenue, we have managed, designed or built all ranges of income properties. One client hired us to design one or two more apartments to their 10 unit apartment building. In this case, we added the apartments on the lower floor by converting storage and parking spaces.

Big apartments, small houses and everything in between!

We have small time owners who buy single family properties to manage and rent out. Lastly, some owners add accessory dwellings to their home to rent out. A small cottage like this has paid for itself in 5 years and earns over $35,000 per year in many cities and suburbs.

New Avenue makes it easier for the client, architect and contractor to work together. Creating a platform for trust between all parties improves decision time, reduces mistakes and eliminates countless headaches and the costs that go up with them.

A home should be an endless source of fun, security, energy, income and more. We do custom residential design/build projects of all sizes. Projects include additions, remodels, accessory dwellings and custom homes.

Remodeling is commonly viewed as a nightmare

Cost over-runs, poor communication and the anxiety that a project will “take twice as long and cost twice as much” all cause projects to go sideways. These nightmares cause hardship for clients while jeopardizing the reputations and careers of the architects and contractors involved. We put an end to this.

We deliver a fair and neutral process

Our system seamlessly integrates the design/build experience in a way that no one else can.

We are about people

  • As a client, we focus on you and how your home can be adapted to best serve who you are, your family’s needs, your hobbies and your career plans.
  • Our architects and contractors are vetted and proven by other happy clients.  

We respect the flexibility of this industry. You may have an architect, designer, contractor or tradesperson that you want to work with. We enthusiastically collaborate with and include everyone in our process. We share insights in order to better serve our clients and our colleagues. Due to our extensive experience, we can spot a low bid, a high bid or just check a line item or forewarn you of pending permit hassles. The professionals in our network consistently complete projects on time and within 5% of their proposed budget. Most importantly, their clients are happy.

Let us help you build the house that you and your family will enjoy for years to come! Answer a few questions to get more information and start a process that will change your life!

New Avenue is a better way to manage your architecture and construction project.

Let's build your dream together


An investment for you and your Community!

No matter where you fall between a $20,000 room renovation and a $10 million building, if you’re creating housing in our cities, then you are making an investment that should be both a good investment for you and a benefit for our community.

The power of professionals


That's the New Avenue difference. Our goal is to provide our clients with access to world class, industry leading design and construction services for their residential building projects.

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