Meet Our Team

Photo: Santa Cruz Guest Home Project

Every great project starts with the right team.

We employ over 1,500 licensed architects, contractors, sub-contractors, engineers and tradespeople.

We know which people in our group are best qualified for your project. We create the best possible team and manage your project in our app from end-to-end.


Build your dream team

Your most important investment decision

Our local architect and contractor will meet you in your home and provide a detailed quote.  We collaborate with others. You can add your own architect and contractor by sending us their proposals. You can collect and compare in our app, then hire anyone. The choice is yours.


First, we built our platform to provide you clarity as you manage bids, invoices, and payments during your entire project, from start to finish.

Second, we save the data from completed projects and share this with you, so you know you are getting a fair price. You can't get this anywhere else.

Third, we have interviewed thousands of architects and contractors, recruited the best and built strong relationships over years of working together.

Together these three things save you 10% or more, make your project high quality, and your experience enjoyable.

Join the 10,000+ owners who are using New Avenue's tools to start and manage their project. Our tools make every project more efficient, transparent and better.


New Avenue interviews over 100 architects and contractors for every one that we sign up as a vetted partner. You might do it once, we’ve done it hundreds of times. We’re good at it. We will save you hours of meetings and protect you from the risk of making a bad hire.

A home should be an endless source of fun, security, energy, income and more. We do custom residential design/build projects of all sizes. Projects include additions, remodels, accessory dwellings and custom homes.

Remodeling is commonly viewed as a nightmare

Cost over-runs, poor communication and the anxiety that a project will “take twice as long and cost twice as much” all cause projects to go sideways. These nightmares cause hardship for clients while jeopardizing the reputations and careers of the architects and contractors involved. We put an end to this.

We deliver a fair and neutral process

Our system seamlessly integrates the design/build experience in a way that no one else can.

It can get complicated!  Our engineers know how to solve problems. This seismic retrofit project has a massive steel frame inserted through four floors.