New Custom Home

What is a Custom Home?

A custom home is a one-of-a-kind creation that is designed specifically for you and your particular lot. New Avenue's local architect and contractor work directly with you to create the design, get permits and build it. Custom homes afford you the opportunity to control everything, such as layout, site plan, and accessibility. These homes could be very detailed or quite simple. No matter what, they are custom designed from the ground up to accommodate all of your needs.

Answer important questions to define your vision and save your ideas to an online project page. We will share schedules and costs.

Attention to Detail

It's worth taking the time to do it right. Designing a custom home from the ground up allows you to focus on the details that will matter to you and your family. Selecting materials, colors and manufacturers is part of the process. Automation systems, lighting, flooring, spaces, appliances, energy efficiency, landscaping are choices that we can advise on but you make the decisions. We are committed to using environmentally friendly and healthy materials. You may work directly with our architects and designers for over 1,000 hours if you are creating a custom home from a blank sheet of paper. Our contractor usually needs 10-12 months to build the house of your dreams.

New Avenue has managed 360 projects in the past 5 years. Custom homes range in size from 1,500 squre feet to over 5,000 square feet. Budgets range just as much from $300,000 to several million dollars. We will work within your budget.

A home should be an endless source of fun, security, energy, income and more. We do custom residential design/build projects of all sizes. Projects include additions, remodels, accessory dwellings and custom homes.

Remodeling is commonly viewed as a nightmare

Cost over-runs, poor communication and the anxiety that a project will “take twice as long and cost twice as much” all cause projects to go sideways. These nightmares cause hardship for clients while jeopardizing the reputations and careers of the architects and contractors involved. We put an end to this.

We deliver a fair and neutral process

Our system seamlessly integrates the design/build experience in a way that no one else can.

We are about people

  • As a client, we focus on you and how your home can be adapted to best serve who you are, your family’s needs, your hobbies and your career plans.
  • Our architects and contractors are vetted and proven by other happy clients.  

We respect the flexibility of this industry. You may have an architect, designer, contractor or tradesperson that you want to work with. We enthusiastically collaborate with and include everyone in our process. We share insights in order to better serve our clients and our colleagues. Due to our extensive experience, we can spot a low bid, a high bid or just check a line item or forewarn you of pending permit hassles. The professionals in our network consistently complete projects on time and within 5% of their proposed budget. Most importantly, their clients are happy.

We can build you the house that you and your family will enjoy forever! Answer a few questions to get more information and start a process that will change your life!

New Avenue is a better way to manage your architecture and construction project.

Let's build your dream together


Example Client: Amy and Tom wanted a custom home "to grow old in together".

Amy and Tom owned a 743 square foot 2-bed 1-bath home that was built in 1943. Their homes was tiny and it just didn't work for their goals of having two offices and space they wanted. But they loved their neighborhood. Their goals were clear. When filling out the Goals & Ideas questionnaire on New Avenue they said they want a home for “growing old in. We want to add a new larger living area with redesigned kitchen, add a bathroom for the second bedroom, enlarge original bathroom to accommodate wheelchair if necessary and convert attic to accommodate 2 home offices.” The answer in this case was technically a remodel while the actual result was an almost entirely new modern custom home that we designed and built from the ground up. El Cerrito is a smaller city just east of San Francisco with an amazing location, easy access to San Francisco. Many of the homes are smaller older cottages that were built very quickly to serve the booming Kaiser Shipyards as they built homes for WWII. In fact, a few clients have shown us where steel spare parts from the shipyards were used to build the homes themselves!

The power of professionals


That's the New Avenue difference. Our goal is to provide our clients with access to world class, industry leading design and construction services for their residential building projects.

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Hire New Avenue and enjoy a modern design/build experience with our local architect, contractor, and designer. Your project will be streamlined by our transparent honest system that protects you from start to finish.