Wednesday, May 08 2019 / Published in Informational
What to call that beautiful new addition/backyard cottage/in-law unit/renters’ apartment/guest house/granny flat that will change your property forever. Most people have long-term plans for their homes. These plans include a laundry list of upgrades, each of which can help make the home a love-filled, wonderful place for family and friends. People regularly ask us to
Monday, May 06 2019 / Published in Costs, Informational
We recently heard from a homeowner who was blindsided by her local water district. The reason? An unnecessary new water meter triggered over $25,000 in permit fees that should not have been charged. We intervened before a second, similar fee was charged for a new gas line. This saved the owner over $25,000. That’s right,
Thursday, April 25 2019 / Published in Informational, Remodel
Like all real estate, shelf space can be hard to come by. Especially in the shower. If you’ve ever tried to store slippery shampoo bottles on the edge of a wet bathtub, you know the value of a good shower niche. (Have you ever caught a bottle of shower gel with the top of your
Wednesday, April 24 2019 / Published in Informational, Process, Remodel
This San Francisco family wanted to update their 100-year-old home. Like so many homeowners, they had a lot of goals in mind. Many of the people who call New Avenue own outdated homes that just don’t suit their modern lifestyles. They wish they could invite their friends over for supper or a glass of wine,
Thursday, April 18 2019 / Published in New Avenue Team, Process
For better or worse, the world is changing fast. Our lives are getting busier, and our homes are becoming increasingly more important. We’re turning to them for respite, using them as offices, extending our living space to include elderly or young adult family members, and renting out space for extra income. Space is at a