Friday, August 23 2019 / Published in Costs
Rebecca, a Vallejo homeowner, contacted New Avenue to help her design a studio home for her mother. New Avenue designer Matt Waitkus developed a proposal that included design, the necessary meetings with the city, estimated subcontractor fees, required reports, city fees, and administrative fees. New Avenue provides these detailed design proposals so our clients aren’t
Thursday, August 22 2019 / Published in Accessory Dwelling, Informational, Remodel
Multigenerational families are realizing that they can (and should) live together The AARP reports that almost 90% of seniors would rather stay at home than move to an elder care facility. This shouldn’t be surprising to any of us. As humans, we value independence, familiar surroundings, and the comfort of being near loved ones. And
Wednesday, August 21 2019 / Published in Accessory Dwelling, Informational, Legislation
At New Avenue, we are all about solving the housing crisis and empowering homeowners. That means changing the way housing works in places like California, where we are facing a shortage of three to four million units. If you’ve been with us for a while, you know that one of the smartest ways to address
Tuesday, August 20 2019 / Published in Informational
You checked that you qualify for financing early on. You found the best designer for your new home, accessory dwelling, or remodel. You’ve got your plans drawn up, have gotten the permits you need, and even have a contractor bid.  Now that you know how much your big project will cost, it’s time to lock
Thursday, August 01 2019 / Published in New Avenue Process I-V, Process
Your construction project is a little like a group project in school. Remember doing big group projects in school? Some of us liked them and some of us hated them. For me, group projects were hit or miss. If I knew and really trusted my fellow group members, great. Otherwise, a group project could be