Wednesday, January 09 2019 / Published in Costs, Custom Home
When Katrina and Brian looked at the space behind their Oakland home, they saw a great opportunity to fill a gap in the housing market, providing much-needed housing to students or a family while bringing in additional income. They also hoped to sell both their home and the new home as separate properties in the
Wednesday, January 09 2019 / Published in Accessory Dwelling, Costs
Valerie and Walt wanted to add an accessory dwelling to their property. For the immediate future, they wanted it to be a comfortable, accessible home for Valerie’s mother. Thinking about the long term, they also wanted a place that could be used for rental income in the future. A New Avenue partner architect designed a
Wednesday, January 09 2019 / Published in Accessory Dwelling, Costs
When he needed a place for his elder parents to live near his home, Timothy decided to build a one-bedroom home in the back yard of his Oakland home. He needed a dwelling that would be elder-friendly and match the style of his home. Timothy’s thinking is in line that of with many California residents.
Planning a new home, new ADU, or remodel? A word of advice: Don’t get ahead of yourself. We get it. Design is the best part of the project. (Or maybe it’s the second best; there’s nothing like walking into your dream home or new backyard cottage for the first time.) But you can’t just jump
Sunday, December 30 2018 / Published in Costs, Permits, Remodel
At attorney in San Francisco contacted New Avenue for help in bringing his client’s four-bedroom rental unit up to code. The structure had been built without permits, and the city required the owner to make several changes to ensure the structure’s compliance with safety and environmental standards. While the floorplan remained largely the same, extensive