Friday, January 11 2019 / Published in Costs, Custom Home
Looking to downsize and enjoy her retirement, Kathleen found plans for a home she loved and purchased them from the architect. Any time a future homeowner purchases plans, they’ll need a few changes. Every set of plans needs to be tailored to the lot and the individual owner’s needs. Understanding this, Kathleen came to New
Wednesday, January 09 2019 / Published in Addition, Costs, Remodel
Unhappy with his San Francisco home, Marc approached New Avenue for help in planning major renovations. First, he wanted to solve a dry-rot problem in the garage. He also wanted to expand the garage, which was not fully excavated when the house was built. He also wanted to stop a leak in the garage that
Wednesday, January 09 2019 / Published in Costs, Informational, Remodel
Oakland residents Michele and Steve decided to add to their current home. Their plan was to create an addition or accessory dwelling unit that could be lease to short- or long-term renters. In the long term, it would be a space they could move into themselves. To prevent surprise problems down the road, Michele and
Wednesday, January 09 2019 / Published in Costs, Remodel
Concerned for his 127-year-old Victorian home in Oakland, Ravi came to New Avenue for help in preventing leaks and modifying the ground floor to include a garage, bedroom, bathroom, laundry, and common space. He wanted the space to be a place that he could use or a place where a roommate could live. A New
Wednesday, January 09 2019 / Published in Accessory Dwelling, Costs
With a growing family and aging parents, Elaine knew she would soon need more living space on her property. So she started her project by creating a free account with New Avenue and filling out our Goals & Ideas worksheet. Elaine’s vision included a one-bedroom accessory dwelling unit with one or two bathrooms, a bedroom/living