Saturday, October 12 2019 / Published in Informational
Here is the full text of Assembly Bill 68 (AB68), which was signed into law in October 2019.   We’ve studied this and even contributed to some lobbying efforts to tweak it. We had no idea how many fervent, committed lobbyists there were in this state! Each city has a lobbyist fighting to prevent the state
Thursday, October 10 2019 / Published in Informational
Five of those bills impact ADUs. The State of California is finally seeing the value of ADUs, and we couldn’t be happier. At New Avenue, we’ve always been sure of one thing: accessory dwellings will revolutionize housing.  Now, the California legislature and Governor Newsom have taken huge steps to improve access to ADUs, making housing
Thursday, October 10 2019 / Published in Accessory Dwelling
Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are making news all over the country these days. They’re being touted as a solution to the housing crisis, and there are plenty of property owners in California building them. They come in the form of backyard cottages, garage apartments, basement or attic conversions, and additions. Of course, the idea is
Tuesday, October 08 2019 / Published in Accessory Dwelling, Platform, Process
We just love the people, character, and amazing vibe in Portland. It’s easy to see why so many people want to live there. It’s also easy to see why accessory dwellings are growing in popularity in this unique city. (Clearly, homeowners in Portland know a great idea when they see one.) When you’re ready to
Tuesday, October 08 2019 / Published in Accessory Dwelling, Permits, Platform
One thing we love about California is the people. There’s a real culture of making things better. All over the state, homeowners are building accessory dwellings with that goal in mind. They want to make things better for the community by adding much-needed housing. They want to make things better for their families by bringing