Thursday, March 14 2019 / Published in Informational
Energy efficiency measures will pay for themselves and reduce carbon emissions California is leading the way again. This time, it’s in energy efficiency. Starting in 2020, all new single-family homes and new multi-family units of three stories or less must use solar power (although homes built on shaded lots may be exempt if solar panels
Wednesday, March 13 2019 / Published in Blog, Informational
Concerns about climate change are mounting, energy costs are on the rise, and homeowners everywhere are looking for answers. Fortunately, architects, contractors, and homeowners are meeting energy problems head on. They’re building homes that are energy efficient. The state of California has gotten on board with recent legislation that requires all new homes to be
Wednesday, February 27 2019 / Published in Informational
This is the story of a four-year project. Of course, most home additions and remodels don’t take that long, but some do. (We don’t mind telling you that; the more information you have, the better.) Delays can pop up in finding the design that’s right for your home or in dealing with the city. Sometimes,
Tuesday, February 26 2019 / Published in Accessory Dwelling, Costs
Dennis and Lisa, two young parents from El Cerrito, CA, contacted us in the summer of 2011 with the idea of replacing an old chicken coop in their backyard with a nice little cottage for Dennis’ mother. Having grown up nearby, Dennis wanted to invest wisely in their character-rich property, which has amazing gardens and
Monday, February 25 2019 / Published in Accessory Dwelling, Costs
Santa Cruz is a beautiful and progressive city by the ocean, and buying or renting a house there is very expensive. In the early 2000s, a city committee looked to accessory dwelling units like backyard cottages and guest houses as a solution to address the shortage of affordable housing. While the housing code already permitted