Wednesday, February 20 2019 / Published in Informational
Like many Bay Area homeowners, the owners of this mid-century home in Piedmont needed more room for their growing family. They loved their home and the area, so they decided to remodel. The family wanted to add a third bedroom so the children could each have their own space. They also wanted to expand the
Saturday, January 26 2019 / Published in Informational
We recently heard from a homeowner who was absolutely furious with his city planning department. The reason? Over $8,000 in surprise permit fees. That’s enough to make anyone angry. It’s also enough to seriously derail a budget. With these unplanned fees, this homeowner will have to re-think his planned expenses. We really sympathize with homeowners
Thursday, January 24 2019 / Published in Informational
When you hire New Avenue for a construction project, we’ll help you decide whether you need to start with a design professional or a licensed contractor. Many projects start with the contractor submitting a construction proposal. This requires a site visit, and there’s a fee. Why? We charge this fee to make sure our contractor
As your new accessory dwelling or home addition are being built, you can expect visits from city inspectors. They may ask to see the calculations used to size the interior gas and water lines. Your plumber and contractor will decide what types of pipes and wiring you need based on projected demand (that is, how
Tuesday, January 15 2019 / Published in Informational
We talk a lot about the value a new project can bring to a homeowner. It can be valuable for your quality of life, increase resale value, or create a new rentable space that generates income. The intrinsic value that comes with creating space for yourself or for family is usually the biggest factor. But