Monday, June 03 2019 / Published in Informational
At New Avenue, we are thrilled to work with clients who have big hearts. They want to share their space with loved ones or even strangers. They want to help ease the housing crisis. They want to give low-income families a nice place to live. One of our clients in Portland came to us to
Monday, June 03 2019 / Published in Informational
There’s so much that a backyard cottage can do. One of our clients, Francis Schumacher, recently built a 650-square-foot accessory dwelling behind his San Jose home. With a desire to help ease the local housing crisis and assist public servants such as teachers, he planned to rent the home out. Later, it would be a
Knowing she could make better use of her 20-foot-by-12-foot shed in her backyard, Mona came to New Avenue looking to convert it into an accessory dwelling unit that could be used as a guest house or a rental house. She also wanted a master bathroom added on to her existing home. A New Avenue partner
Thursday, May 30 2019 / Published in Informational
Sharmila, an Oakland homeowner, asked New Avenue about converting her existing 250-square-foot garage into an accessory dwelling that she could rent out to friends or family. She wanted a loft sleeping area so the limited square footage could be used efficiently. Our New Avenue partner architect was able to help her with a design that
Wednesday, May 29 2019 / Published in Blog, Permits
One of the most time-consuming (and often aggravating) parts of the design process is permitting. This is especially true in San Francisco, where it can be hard to please every city officer that has a say in the project. Don’t get us wrong; permits are necessary to protect the homeowner, the builder, and the community.