Sunday, March 08 2020 / Published in Accessory Dwelling, Costs
Shannon, a homeowner in Berkeley, wanted to convert her old garage into an accessory dwelling that could be used by anyone: herself, her family, her guests, and, in the future, tenants. She needed a place that would be great for work and everyday life.
Saturday, March 07 2020 / Published in Accessory Dwelling
Often, you can put an accessory dwelling on an existing foundation. Address moisture issues with the right design and tools, and you’re good to go.
Thursday, March 05 2020 / Published in Addition, Remodel
In this Berkeley remodel, we converted an underused living area to create more usable space for the family. We added storage, a deck, and an upstairs master suite with a window seat and plenty of closet space. Swipe to see the downstairs and upstairs floor plans for the remodeled portion of the home.
Tuesday, March 03 2020 / Published in Accessory Dwelling
Betsey, a homeowner in Berkeley, asked New Avenue to design and build an accessory dwelling for her son and grandchildren. She loved the view from her home, and she hoped to take advantage of the sloped property to build a "room with a view" for her family.
Wednesday, February 26 2020 / Published in Remodel
Today we're revisiting one of our favorite restoration projects, a whole-house remodel in Alameda, CA.