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Cost to design and build a remodel, addition, or custom home?

This article is based on New Avenue's database of completed projects. All of our projects are architect designed and almost all of them are custom built on site. On occasion we've used prefab companies to manage a portion of the construction.

18 Common Budget Busting Construction "Change Orders" That Occur During Additions, Remodels and New Construction

Change Orders make or break a project. Keeping them under control is critical. This is a list of common change orders that can always be avoided with better planning.

More Sunset Magazine The "New Backyard Cottage" Photos

Sunset Magazine selected the New Avenue's prefabricated modular backyard cottage as the center exhibit for their annual summer festival. Over 50,000 people toured the home!

Cost to build a custom five bed, five bath 5,000 square foot home

This article is part of a series of posts on real project costs.  New Avenue is the leading national design/build system.  Homeowners and contractors enter bids  in our system and send and receive payments for completed work.  Any changes are submitted by the contractor and approved by the owner before the budget changes.  This keeps your project budget transparent, fair and under control.   It's like PayPal for remodeling and building.  We get a unique ability to collect the complete project costs.  We share these costs to help inform owners, architects and contractors.  If an owner does not have a team in place, we have a network of proven architects and contractors who are committed to creating homes that make owners healthier, wealthier and happier. 

What are the true costs of an Accessory Dwelling?

Costs vary wildly from $200 per square foot to over $1,000 per square foot. But the process of designing, permitting and building always stays the same. Following the best practices you can guide your project to either outcome.

Legalizing an existing accessory dwelling in-law unit in San Francisco

Many have tried, few have won. The permitting process for legalizing an illegal in law apartment is scary and need not be. This is a summary of the permit process one homeowner experienced when legalizing their unpermitted in-law apartment.

Jacob Bek, a New York City Architect discusses a Hamptons summer house and the cost of firing the architect

Many people misunderstand that an architect's role is to manage the design, permitting and construction process. This is a story of what happens when an inexperienced designer doesn't fill that role and a new architect has to be hired, the contractor has to stop and restart. This costs the client money and time.