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Photo: Project by Martin Kobus

People first design/build

  • As a client, we focus on you and how your home can be crafted to best serve who you are, your family’s needs, your hobbies and your career plans.
  • The architects and contractors in our group are vetted and proven by previous happy clients. We measure the progress, challenges and successes on previous projects so we can improve efficiencies that save you time and money, while delivering the best quality service 

We respect that every neighborhood has local talent and seek to work collaboratively with them.  We operate as an open network and we share our system, data and insights with any local architect, builder or tradesperson you want to add to your team.  We do this to better serve our clients and our colleagues. Due to our extensive experience, we can spot a low bid, a high bid or just check a line item or forewarn you of pending permit hassles. The professionals in our network consistently complete projects on time and within 5% of their proposed budget. Most importantly, their clients are happy.

Build your dream team

Choose architects and contractors to submit proposals, collect and compare in one easy to compare tool. You can also get additional proposals from verified New Avenue pros. The choice is yours.

Kevin Casey

Founder and CEO

Kevin Casey founded New Avenue in 2009 and currently lives in Berkeley, CA with his wife and two sons. He grew up in a Sears Catalog home outside of Buffalo, NY., and moved to California to attend UC Berkeley. He comes from five generations of engineers and builders. Kevin studied economic and community development at Fordham University, International Affairs at The Columbia School of International and Public Affairs, obtained an MBA from UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business and studied small business development in Southeast Asia as a Fulbright Scholar. He founded New Avenue as a project management, architecture, and construction platform with the goal of creating a new model for housing that is more integrated, sustainable, affordable and healthy.

"His great-great grandfather's concrete block company was cutting edge pre-fabrication for building homes in Buffalo, NY when it was a silicon valley-esque boomtown in the 1880s"

Following on the family tradition of a great customer service that started with his great grandfather's furniture store that filled those homes in Buffalo, NY with furniture and that moved on to built modular steel airports for the army corp of engineers in the 1940s. Kevin's first job was a grunt for a general contractor uncle who custom built spec homes, and his father was an environmental engineer and pioneer in low energy passive water treatment systems on rejuvenating rust belt cities. 

A bit of History!

New Avenue is a team of proven professionals using a better process to design + build

Let's build your dream together


With CEO Kevin Casey

Board of Directors

Chris Harris

Chris is an Engineering Director within Google's Display Advertising business, leading teams that improve ad scoring, auctions, and bidding. Previously, Chris lived in San Diego where he graduated from UCSD and co-founded five companies in various industries, but all involved applied machine learning. Three of the five companies were sold and represent thriving business units in their parent companies today.

Richard Banks

Richard is the former President of the West Division of Archstone-Smith, one of the largest multifamily housing developers and the former President and COO of Mercy Housing, one of the largest non profit affordable housing developers. Richard also managed a 70,000 unit housing portfolio in Germany for Cerberus/Goldman Sachs.

Scott Kucirek
Partner of OCHO Candy

Scott is a Partner in Five Star Organics, was formerly the Head of MLS Initiative at California Association of Realtors and served as General Manager of Prudential California Realty. He Co Founded ZipRealty Inc. the first full-service web-based real estate firm. Mr. Kucirek served 9 years in the U. S. Navy as a Naval Aviator. Mr. Kucirek has an MBA from the Haas School of Business, and a Bachelor of Science in Bioengineering from the University of California at Berkeley.

Larry Castellani

Larry is an active private equity, hedge fund and seed stage investor. He is Managing Director & Co-Head of Institutional Sales at Strategas Research Partners, a macro-economic research firm based in NYC and on the Board of Directors of Surfacide LLC, a manufacturer of UV-C disinfection systems. Larry has a BA from Colgate University in Economics and Political Science and is a Lieutenant, Ladder 43 / Darien Fire Department.